14 Nov

When your home has clean windows, it will be more fulfilling, and you will be proud hosting your friends around.  Many people look at window cleaning as a challenging task, but it should not be challenging when you have the right information on how you should conduct the cleaning process.  With the proper supplies and cleaning agents, you can get your windows clean and spotless quickly without having to spend too much energy and money.  The tips below will make window cleaning an easy task for you.

Employ a strip applicator

The strip applicator has an extended cloth head which absorbs a high amount of soapy water.  The soapy water is essential in cleaning the windows effectively without leaving scratches on the panes and glass.  It is also necessary to ensure that you use a cleaning solution to make the cleaning more efficient.

Use a squeegee

The best way to ensure that the windows are clean is to use a squeegee.  After using a soapy strip applicator, a squeegee comes in to ensure that there is no soap is left on the glass.  For effectiveness, the squeegee should be pulled on a reverse S-pattern.  Know more here!

Get at least two scrubbers


The scrubber you decide to use for the inner side should be different from the scrubber used for the outer side.  Having two scrubbers is essential to make sure in case there are pollutants from the outer side of the window they do not gain entry into the inner side.  Some contaminants present on the outer side can cause diseases if they find a way to get inside the house because of using the same scrubber.

Use liquid dish detergent

Most of the liquid dish detergents have a way of getting rid of grease and any dirt from your windows.  The cleanser makes the glass on the window slippery, and this makes the movement of the squeegee more efficient. As a result, the windows will get clean quickly, and even if babies or pets put their mouth on the glass, they will not be exposed to toxins.

Choose an ideal time

The most appropriate time is when the windows are not directly exposed to sunlight. When you clean the windows when the sun is direct, the washing liquid will frequently be drying.  Cleaning on a sunny day will frustrate your cleaning tasks and even leave water spots on the window. Visit this website at http://forestestates.wikia.com/wiki/House_Cleaning_Services to know more about cleaning.

To remove cobwebs and any loose dirt you should get a counter brush and ensure that it has soft bristles.  Vinegar and hot water would also help as a cleaning agent. Get LaborPanes Charleston here!

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